Keszthely, Rákóczi u. 72.

Romantic trips to the Badacsony wine region and to the Castle hill of Szigliget

The Badacsony Mountain and the hills near the lake Balaton are very popular tourist destinations of the Balaton Uplands National Park. The Badacsony Mountain is a 438 metres high hill, which is known about its quality wines, romantic wine cellars, magnificent vineyards and high-quality hospitality. Besides the region is full of popular hiking trails, natural formations and lookout towers.

Badacsonytomaj is not too far from Keszthely, it is reachable within 30 minutes from the town. Why is Badacsony really worth visiting?

The wine region of Badacsony

On the territory of the wine region of Badacsony (Badacsonyi borvidék) the viticulture started in the Roman ages, when the western part of Hungary was a province of the Roman Empire, Pannonia. They found the special microclimate very suitable for viticulture and winemaking due to the closeness of the lake Balaton and to the sunlit southern slopes.

The Badacsony Mountain has a volcanic origin, the mountain was formed as a result of multiple volcanic eruptions. That is why the visitors can see the natural basalt lava columns on Badacsony and the Hill of St. George. Specific wine grapes in the Badacsony region are Italian riesling, Pinot gris (Szürkebarát, Grauburgunder), Gewürztraminer (Tramini), Muscat Ottonel (Muskotály), Rhenish Riesling, Chardonnay and the newly popular Kéknyelű (which is a local native white wine grape).

The visitors can attend to several programs and visit many sights: e.g. romantic wine cellars, quality restaurants, wine tasting, hinking trails and boat trips.

Our guests can also reach Badacsony by pleasure-boat from the port of Keszthely. From the port of Badacsony boat trips are available according to the timetable to Fonyód, Keszthely, Szigliget, Balatonmáriafürdő and Balatonlelle.

The settlements of the Badacsony wine region:

  • – Ábrahámhegy
  • – Badacsonytomaj
  • – Badacsonytördemic
  • – Balatonrendes
  • – Balatonszepezd
  • – Diszel
  • – Gyulakeszi
  • – Hegymagas
  • – Káptalantóti
  • – Kisapáti
  • – Kővágóörs
  • – Nemesgulács
  • – Raposka
  • – Révfülöp
  • – Salföld
  • – Szigliget
  • – Tapolca

Not too far from the Badacsony region, there is an authentic producers’ market in Káptalantóti with homemade and bio products. The Csobánc Mountain is also worth visiting with the ruins of a medieval castle, the visitors can reach the hill from the direction of Tapolca or Gyulakeszi.

In addition, the manor of Salföld is also waiting its visitors with interesting sights. Visitors can get to know the traditional Hungarian breeds of farm animals such as racka, cigája, cikta sheep, buffalo, Hungarian Grey cattle, mangalica pig, poultry and sheep dogs. Other services and sights include the photo exhibition and the traditional spice and herb garden of the manor. Children can enjoy the petting zoo (animal-stroking area) and the horseriding or the horse-carriage tours.​

The Castle Hill of Szigliget

The Balaton Uplands National Park is not only special because of its natural and cultural uniqueness, but there are also several historical monuments. Not too far from Badacsony we should go west: the nearest medieval castle to Keszthely is the ruins of Szigliget castle, which was reconstructed a few years ago and now open to visitors. From the castle one of the most beautiful panorama of the lake Balaton is to revealed with the Keszhely Bay.

In the castle on occasion exciting programs take place such as concerts and castle tournaments.

Other sights on the Badacsony Mountain

The mountain itself is able to be walked around in about 2 hours. There are other interesting sights to see on the mountain for tourists and hikers:

  • – the Kisfaludy lookout tower
  • – the Ranolder cross
  • – Rózsakő (the Rose rock – basalt rock)
  • – the Stairs of the Exiled (Bújdosók lépcsője)