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Restaurants and nightlife in Keszthely

Park Restaurant

Park Restaurant is close to our guesthouse, only two streets away, making it an ideal place for a copious and delicious lunch and dinner. The restaurant is operating from 1988 and the menu offers a selection of well-known Hungarian and international dishes, fish dishes and delicious desserts.

John’s Pub and Restaurant

John’s Pub and Restaurant is an American, Western-style restaurant and bar. It is a place where guests can enjoy a great atmosphere, and a wide range of traditional Hungarian, street food and barbecue dishes.

A wide range of drinks and fine cocktails contribute to a good mood. From October to April, the place is transformed into a lively party place on Saturday evenings.

Guiseppe Pizzeria

The pizza of Guiseppe Pizzeria is made in a wood-fired oven based on an Italian recipe. Besides the pizzas, we also find the delicious dishes of Mediterranean cuisine on the menu: homemade desserts, lasagna, penne, spaghetti and fuisili, salads and grilled meats.

A great Italian-stlye gastronomic experience is guaranteed.

Fishermen’s Inn

The Fishermen’s Inn (Halászcsárda) is an old and high quality representative of traditional Hungarian cuisine, which operates since 1934. The formerly famous building and popular restaurant was empty for 20 years, but has been renewed in 2012.

Traditional local and Hungarian dishes are available in the restaurant with live gipsy in a special, authentic environment.

Vitorlás Bistro (Sailboat Bistro)

The open-air Vitorlás Bistro is on the shore of Lake Balaton on the territory of the municipal beach (városi strand). The bistro is worth trying back from the beach or even in the evening, as it offers modern quality dishes in traditional stlye. The sunset at Lake Balaton and the nearby bustle of Pavilion line provide a great, romantic atmosphere.

The specialty of the place is that the flavors of Zala and Zemplén County are brought to a modern and discerning serving. The menu also includes peculiarities in addition to the hake fish and fried chicken, like cold zucchini soup made with dill or the famous local dish “dödölle” (dumplings with sour cream or onions).

Bacchus Restaurant

The restaurant specializes in wines with a wide selection of local quality wines. The kitchen also offers international and Hungarian dishes. The restaurant itself have been transformed from a more than 200 years old wine cellar, while its furniture is made of old presses and barrels.

In one of the branches of the old cellar there is a wine museum open for visitors.

Los Amigos Bar & Grill

Los Amigos Bar & Grill serves primarily Mexican flavors. The restaurant is located in the main square in the town center, so the open air area offers a great view to the square.

Due to the Latin music and the special environment, the guests can even feel themselves on an other continent.

Apetito Restaurant

The Apetito Restaurant is located in our street (close to the Silatti Guest House & Apartments), so it is quick, short walk. Hungarian and international cuisine, excellent wines and a gourmet menu characterize the restaurant. It is recommended to try it any weekday, because the restaurant offers daily menus, too.

Tompos Restaurant

The Tompos Restaurant is located in Keszthely Zámor, close to Libás beach. Not just a daily menu, but vegetarian and paleo dishes are also available for the health-conscious.

The large-capacity restaurant is suitable for receptions and events throughout the year, and there is a playroom for the children. The excellent international cuisine is a lasting experience for guests who are open to quality culinary experiences.

Jóbarát Vendéglő (Good Friends’ Inn)

The Jóbarát Restaurant in Keszthely is popular among locals because of its copious and delicious dishes and authentic atmosphere. The restaurant offers several meat dishes and fried meats on the menu.

The restaurant is open all year, so it is also a great choice for those who do not visit our town during the summer season.

Tulipán Coffee House

The Tulipán Café is located close to our guesthouse, just 500 meters from the shore of Lake Balaton, also next to the Helikon Park. The café serves a delicious breakfast in the mornings and homemade cakes. They also offer sugar, lactose and gluten free products.

In addition, delicious Spanish ham and cheese plate, salmon salad and special cheese plates, grill sandwiches can be found in the café. Wide range of great coffees and freshly pressed fruit juices available. It is also a good choice for healthy lifestyle advocates: they also serve sugar, lactose and gluten free products.

Viviera Beach

The Viviera Beach entertainment center is located in the back of the municipal (városi) beach in Keszthely. During the day you can enjoy the delicious drinks, cocktails, sandy beach, loungers, beach volleyball courts that are ideal for an active and relaxing pasttime.

On weekends, especially in the summertime, they usually organize exciting party nights at the Lake Balaton, with famous DJs, unique lighting and sound technology.