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Attractions, sights, programs in Keszthely

The centre of the West-Balaton region

Keszthely is the centre of the West-Balaton, a small town, a popular and friendly tourist resort with hundreds years old history. Its parks and promenades create a special athmosphere and plenty of restaurants, cafes and bars are available especially in the summer. On the beach visitors can enjoy the sun, do sports, chill and have fun.

Besides the lot of museums and historical monuments there are a lot to see and experience in the town and in the region. That is why the destination can be a great choice for almost every people regardless of their age. Everybody can find their preferred type of activity.

The Castle of Festetics in Keszthely

One of the most beautiful and significant baroque castle is located in the town which is the Castle of Festetics. The oldest parts of the castle were built in the middle of the 18th century. Later the building was completed with new parts, and a spectacular neobaroque tower was also built and attached to the central building.

The castle was reconstructed both outside and inside, therefore it can be seen in great condition. The museum complex which belongs to the castle offers interesting and interactive exhibitions for the visitors.

Exhibitions and programs in the castle

  • – Helikon Castle Museum: the 4th largest renewed baroque castle is open for visitors in Hungary
  • – Helikon Library: the historical library of the castle
  • – Concerts and outdoor theathre in the courtyard
  • – Permanent hunting exhibition
  • – One of the largest model railroad terrain table in Europe
  • – Castle Park on 42 ha with unique plants and trees
  • – Historical carriage collection
  • – Palm House with tropical plants

Sports and excursion

In the town there are 3 different beaches along the Lake. On the beach restaurants, bars, pizzerias, pools and slides await guests seeking recreation and entertainment.

Tennis courts, horseback riding opportunities, water sports, and thermal spas are also waiting for those who love sports. Only 5 km away from the town, the Hills of Keszthely offer many hiking and sightseeing spots. With long walks on hiking trails one can discover the sights of the mountains.

Exciting cultural programs and sights

Each year, wine festival is organized in the town with the products of the surrounding wineries (Balaton Uplands wine region). In the summer, there are many classical and popmusic concerts, festivals and other programs awaiting the town’s visitors.

The Gothic parish church in Keszthely has a special Neogothic tower decorated with rose window and inside with the remaining frescoes. The original, older part of the church was built at the end of the 14th century.

Museums and exhibitions in the town

The Csigaparlament (Snail Shell Parliament) is a world-famous 7.5 meter long giant packet that depicts Hungarian Parliament and has a specialty made of snail shells. It is also worth to visit the Museum of Puppets (Babamúzeum) which guides us to the history of the wear and the folk culture. The Balaton Museum offers interesting exhibitions on the history and wildlife of Lake Balaton with its permanent exhibitions, giving an insight into the lives of people who were living here previously.

Additional sights and attractions in Keszthely

  • – Georgikon Manor Museum
  • – Balaton Museum
  • – Panoptikum and torment Museum
  • – Marzipan Museum
  • – Television and Radio Museum
  • – Helikon Park with the Helikon-monument
  • – Festetics Imre Park (native domestic animals and wildlife reserve)