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Silatti pénztárcabarát szoba

Wallet-friendly rooms

Our wallet-friendly rooms provide a very good value for money solution even in popular periods. The rooftop rooms are equipped with air conditioner, so hot weather cannot be a problem. Our guests can use the fridge, flat TV and air conditioner in the rooms free of charge. Own toliet and shower belongs to every room.

Silatti teraszos szoba szállás Keszthely

Double room with terrace or balcony

We recommend our double rooms to those who would like to enjoy the evenings or mornings on a pleasant balcony or terrace with courtyard view. The rooms are equipped with fridge, flat TV, shower, toliet and cabinets that our guests can use free of charge. Prices 1st September – 30th June (pre and off season)

háromágyas szoba Silatti panzió

Rooms for 3 people

The rooms for 3 people are equipped with one double and one single bed. Our guests can use fridge, flat TV and cabinets in the rooms and own shower and toilet belongs to every room. Prices 1st September – 30th June (pre and off season) for 3 people: 40 -50 EUR/night 1st July – 31st

Apartments with 2 bedrooms

Our two bedroom apartments are ideal choice for families or groups of friends (2-6 people). Our apartments have separate entrance, terrace or balcony and are equipped by mini-kitchen too. Prices 1st September – 30th June (pre and off season) for 3 people: 50 – 65 EUR/night for 4 people: 55 – 70 EUR/night for 5